VIRD runs 2 crèche centers in Athmallick block of Angul District. This year a total 50 children within the age range of 3 to 5 years were enrolled in the crèche centers. The program provides daycare services to children of the age group of 0-5 years from lower income group families, schedule castes and schedule tribes, as well as disabled children. The centers provide support to both mothers and young children. Play materials, nutritional food, health check ups, teaching materials, and medicine are supplied. Each center is managed by 1 Aya and 1 teacher, and is monitored by a Village Education Committee.

Education for Child Labour

It is a chronic disease in our society to engage minor children to labor and this system is nothing but for the poverty in poor helpless facilities. These poor and helpless families are complied to engage their lovely minor children in hand & hazardous works with a view to getting food. These children are drive of getting education, nutrition & better employment in future other than to remain as slaves. To get rid off these slavery system and better employment in future other then to remain as slaves. To get rid off these slavery system and to pull on the child labour to civilization & to engage them on self-employment. The government in Labors Department has chalked out programmes through N.G.Os eradication of the child labour and provides them better education, nutrition and self-employment. Our organization has under taken with the above aims with the active financial assistance of the Government. In the above said programme we had found out 220 child labors in ANGUL of whom 100 child labour are now prosecution their regular studies in Primary education They supply with free M.D.M. free education books, vocational training, under different trade etc through our volunteers. The people our localities are cautioned not to engage any child labour at there home for any other.

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