VIRD is dedicated to raising the income and self-esteem of poor tribal women through micro entrepreneurship in Reamal Block, Deogarh District, Odisha, India. 35 women from the project area were covered under different initiatives including training on savings and credit, group management, and general business skills, along with specific trades such as live stock management, nurseries, vegetable cultivation, agriculture allied activities and micro entrepreneurship skills. Bankers, horticulturists, agriculturalists, veterinarians, local government departments, and other agencies imparted training to them for their capacity building. We also formed sub groups consisting of 5 to 6 members, who then selected two needy women for financial support. Accordingly, 80 women from 40 sub groups have taken financial support from the project to facilitate income generation activities like goat rearing,  cow and bullock rearing, kitchen gardening,  the collection and sale of minor forest produce, etc. After involvement in different entrepreneurship activities, they able to substantially boost their financial contribution to their family. Through improving collective savings and group work in their respective villages, they are regularly sending pupils to school, receiving health care when ill, avoiding alcohol, and participating in the village development process.

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