The millet is very nutritious food, the highly nutritious millets formed a substantial part of the diets and the cropping system in the tribal areas of Athamallick Block in Angul District of Odisha. Millets require less water and are more resilient to climate vulnerability. Paddy gaining prominence in the Public Distribution System (PDS) has resulted in reduced consumption of millets, resulting in extreme cases of nutritional deficiency. It has also led to unsustainable cropping systems increasing the demand for water. Millets are the answer to address both increased crop failures and nutritional deficiency and need to be revived. Millet Mission has increase the income of farmers in the forest area and tribal areas of the state and it has also give a new identity to the farmers.

Millet is rich in dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble. The insoluble fiber in millet is known as a “prebiotic,” which means it supports good bacteria in your digestive system. This type of fiber is also important for adding bulk to stools, which helps keep you regular and reduces your risk of colon cancer. We are cultivated millet in so many acres of land in Athamallick Block of Angul District Under the Partnership of DMF Angul & WASSAN.

In first year 441 nos. of beneficiary cultivated millet in 191 hectors of land and 5 hectors non- millet cultivated. Total 260q millet produced by farmers from 5 nos. of GP and given it to Govt. or Mandi. In 2nd year we covered 305 hectors of land and non millet 55 hector of land by taking 610 nos. of beneficiary from 9 nos. of GP. Total 754q produced and given to Mandi.

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