The project is regarding setting up a home poultry Cooperative Societies to generate additional income and provide gainful employment to its members with the support of Eu Can Aid. The project is designed to cater huge demand and supply gap in chicken in local areas. Chicken meat is in huge demand and in particular in festive seasons and winter and there is no commercial poultry farm locally available. Poultry Co-operative unit if managed properly gives high return on investment with a vow to provide unadulterated chicken meat to the local market at an affordable price. Based on certain realistic assumptions the future cash flow of the project has been also worked out. The project is very important for the Cooperative Society to generate revenue and provide gainful employment to the members of the society.

To enhance supplementary income from Home Poultry Farm and develop Poultry Value chain to increase livelihood status among the poor indigenous tribal women groups at Angul Block in Angul District of Odisha. The VIRD provide Chicks to the women SHGs for develop their poultry farming.

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+91 9438850416

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At/P.O.: Hakimpada Angul, Odisha India-759143