Promotion of Kitchen Garden:-

VIRD has supported 56 households to develop kitchen gardens in their respective backyards. It is a livelihood intervention and targets the rural women to participate in family income measures. The targeted women have been trained to develop a qualitatively superior vegetable garden in terms of varieties of vegetables grown by the households. It is important to note that the initiative has resulted in improvement of dietary status of the households and reduction in disease burden among them.

Livelihoods promotion:-

With external support, VIRD has implemented one livelihoods programme targeting rural women in Deogarh district Odisha. Under this initiative, VIRD has supported members of 2 Self Help Groups with 2 goats for each household and members of 2 SHGs to take up vegetable cultivation. In total 40 women; one from each household is supported to augment their family incomes.

SHG Promotion:-

Bringing rural women into the Self Help fold and collectivizing them into groups has proven to the one of the effective means of rural development. It not only enhances the quality of social lives but also ensures an augmented economic standard. During the period under report, VIRD collectivized 73 women into 7 Self Help Groups in even number of villages and imparted training on various aspects of group dynamics.

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