VIRD organized three cultural shows to disseminate socially relevant messages among the community using Daskathia, one of the most popular folk art media. Through this, VIRD disseminated information on female foeticide, financial inclusion and gender equality. Cultural troupes were oriented on the themes/issues and community based organization of different villages looked after the logistics of the programmes.

Cultural media is being used extensively as one of the most popular ways to create awareness on HIV/AIDS among the rural mass. Street corner plays, songs, dance and other local folk mediums have been put to effective use. This helps the community watch, listen, observe, understand and discuss the seriousness of HIV/AIDSs and STIs and precarious situation arising when it affects & person, leading to destruction of socio-economic fabrics and disintegration of families. The role plays, one acts plays and songs also deal with issues of empathy vs. social stigma, attitudinal changes, healthy sexual behaviour, condom use etc. Local dialects and languages are used in cultural medium and in every village; youth clubs, PRI members and leaders get involved in organizing & staging the programs. Together, 7522 people (3230 male and 3292 female) have been covered under awareness activity through cultural program. The cultural team is developed by VIRD. The local folk media and tribal culture is integrated where the local boys and girls are the actors and actress who makes the community easy to understand the concept of HIV/AIDS & STI.

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