VIRD has undertaken Awareness Programmes on HIV & AIDS with the theme of “Know AIDS for No AIDS” among high-risk population and through community based organizations. The organization undertook the campaign amongst truckers, persons associated with transportation across states, hoteliers beside the national highways etc. through dissemination of IEC materials collected from different sources active in addressing the menace.

Use of the occasions such as; meetings of SHGs and village organization is a very important strategy for awareness generation among people on STIs, & HIV/AIDS. VIRD as an NGO has utilized these platforms to disseminate knowledge and information on the issues. Through these platforms, over 4000 persons have been made aware of HIV & AIDS. Members of SHGs, VDC members and youth groups attend the meetings and discuss issues related to HIV/AIDS, migration, trafficking of young girls, unprotected sex etc.

IEC material development and distribution

VIRD has developed the IEC material in local languages which found to be very effective for information, education and communication to the communities. Besides this it has received different types of posters, leaflets, handouts, and training materials. About 1800 sq.fts. of wall writings have been completed in the project area spreading the message of preventing HIV/AIDS. The project has distributed 1,500 posters and 5,000 leaflets to the people and community members throughout the project area. This has enabled the people to understand the basics of the HIV/AIDS and STD in the areas.

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