Adolescents are considered, in development parlance to be the guardians, watching the processes and as a community, have the potential to direct the processes under progress as they need it to be. It is their world.

DistrictGP/BlockNo. of ParticipantsDuration
AngulAida GP, Athmallick Block35 participants2 days
DeogarhLulung GP, Reamal Block35 participants2 days

VIRD organized Training of Adolescents on Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights with the objective to improve adolescents’ knowledge on Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights, increase school/college attendance and retention, prevent child marriage and educate and mobilize the adolescents towards health-seeking knowledge, attitude and practices.

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+91 9438850416

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At/P.O.: Hakimpada Angul, Odisha India-759143