The Ministry of Women and Child Development Department is implementing the Swadhar Greh Scheme which targets the women victims of difficult circumstances who are in need of institutional support for rehabilitation so that they could lead their life with dignity. The Scheme envisages providing shelter, food, clothing and health as well as economic and social security for these women.


Under the Scheme, Swadhar Greh will be set up in every district with capacity of 30 women with the following objectives:

    • To cater to the primary need of shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment and care of the women in distress and who are without any social and economic support.

    • To enable them to regain their emotional strength that gets hampered due to their encounter with unfortunate circumstances.

    • To provide them with legal aid and guidance to enable them to take steps for their readjustment in family/society.

    • To rehabilitate them economically and emotionally.

    • To act as a support system that understands and meets various requirements of women in distress.

    • To enable them to start their life afresh with dignity and conviction.

Women & Child Development Department, Government of India has been extending financial assistance to VIRD since 2001 to run the Swadhar Greh at Angul District of Odisha. Its provide shelter for limited period to distressed women and girls who faces different types of violence. Presently, 30 adults and 10 children are sheltered in the home. The program received 24 new cases this year and resolved 15.

10 follow up programs have been conducted to assess the present status of rehabilitated residents. The rehabilitated residents receive counselling, legal support, weekly health check-ups, youth education, literary classes, food and clothing. The residents are also given training in various programs such as tailoring, broom making, cooking, and garden activities. The women have been collectivized into Self Help Groups for enabling them to earn and save money. Legal assistance in the form of drafting petitions, registering cases at police stations, and preparing agreement documents is also provided. In some instances, the organization takes the case directly to the court. 48 nos. of awareness meetings and 12 nos. of home committee meetings have been organized to assess the performance of the program.

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+91 9438850416

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At/P.O.: Hakimpada Angul, Odisha India-759143